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SEO and Digital Marketing Specialist

Me Saklain Mostak. I am SEO and Social media expert with comprehensive knowledge in the advanced systems. I have 3 years of experience in this sector. I successfully completed many SEO and Social media projects. I agree to show you a proof of all my work. I would deliver two things only Quality Service and Customer Satisfaction. I am passionate about my work. I have a positive attitude. Thank you for visiting my website.

Brithday 20-07-2001
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I can help you wordpress development, Keyword Research, On-Page and Off-Page SEO Technical SEO Content, Virtual assistant, Marketing and Social Media Marketing growing to make your business TOP Ranked.

WordPress development
Search engine optimization
Virtual assistant
Social media marketing

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Search engine optimisation

It's a very important thing for your website. It can help your website to go google top website list.

Data entry

Data entry Means Collect your Expected information in Online. You can get any information about the whole world from a data entry worker.

Microsoft excel and Microsoft word

It' finish your uncomfortable work easily. Microsoft Word and Microsoft excel Any kind of work can be done.

Social media marketing

It's very demanding works. You can get help from social media marketing for selling products and many Service Through the Internet.

Virtual Assistant

It' means a personal assistant on the internet. A virtual assistant can help manage your work online.

You Tube Marketing

Promote your YouTube videos to get real organic audiences on social Medias, websites and blogs.


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Apr 2018 - Mar 2020
Search engine optimisation

There is a whole field of search engine optimization that requires its own level of expertise. The typical SEO professional does have to be a full-fledged SEO expert. However, they should have an understanding of many of the basic website UX principles. Yes, we do certain things for search engines, but search engines (almost always) require those things because they have learned it’s what their users (searchers)

Apr 2017 - Mar 2020
Social media marketing

I have 3 years of experience with social media marketing. I wanted to learn how it worked and loved it. A few years later I managed an e-commerce website and made the biggest sale via tweeting. I have been active on many social networks - many that have come and GONE over the past 3 years. My favorite is Twitter and then Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn to name a few. I also train small business on social media marketing and how to use to grow their business.

Apr 2017 - Present
Ass a freelancer

“What is your experience as a freelancer on sites like Freelancer or Fiveer?” A good place to start freelancing — but a terrible place to sustain freelancing. When I graduated college I started freelancing as an SEO. I didn’t know how to get clients (do marketing or sales). Naturally, I gravitated towards websites like Fiveer. My first Freelancing year was great. I became top-rated, made over $10k, and had a project success rate of 100%. As I continued to work on my craft and learn more about marketing and sales, I had begun to realize that freelancing was only a stepping stone.

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SEO and Digital Marketing Specialist

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